A little introduction to what can be expected at Revenge of the Feels!

Hey everyone!

My name is Victoria and I have decided to try my hand on book blogging! Basically, reading my books and writing reviews! I have to thank my friends, Richa and Adelena, who inspired me to start a blog! My reviews might be quite…exaggerating because that is how I am. I try my best to write down everything I feel when I read the book but, well, when your feels are all over the place, it’s hard.

There will be reviews of books ranging from the genres of Young Adult to Adult, and even erotic novels. WARNING: possibly most of the adult/erotic novels I read will contain elements of bondage and blah blah blah, those books are NOT FOR THE YOUNG. I am not held responsible for anyone underage to barge into my blog, please just know what’s best for your mind and leave before you get insane.

I will be posting my reviews on my blog, Goodreads, Twitter and Tumblr. Speaking of my social networking accounts, I am like a chamelon, always changing the layout of my twitter and tumblr profile. It’s like a weird hobby of mine whenever I am into the particular fandom. As of now, its Doctor Who, with Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor as my bleeding OTP! *inserts crying emoji*

I am new at all this, and also a horrible designer so please bear with me for the very bland layout of the blog! If there is any books you want me to read, any books, please just contact me through any of my social networking accounts or simply just email me!



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