Review: The Undead: Playing for Keeps by Elsie Elmore

the undeadTitle: The Undead: Playing for Keeps
Author: Elsie Elmore
Release date: September 3rd 2014
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Genre: Young Adult/ Fantasy/Paranormal
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Pages:  240
Rating: 3½  stars

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

When an undead woman with serious de-comp issues stalks sixteen-year-old Lyla Grimm, her hope of rescuing her rock-bottom reputation takes a back seat. Especially once Lyla’s new talent of resurrecting the dead draws the attention of Eric, a Grim Reaper with a guitar and a chip on his shoulder.

While Lyla navigates the gossip-ridden halls, Eric works to gain her trust and discover why Death’s clients aren’t staying down. If she passes on her gift, his death-messenger destiny might be altered. But the closer he gets to Lyla, the less sure he is of his plan. The dead are way easier to deal with than the living.

Gossip explodes, the Grimm family implodes, and desperation sets in. Death wants the gift and a soul. Lyla and Eric face hard choices with hidden consequences. Sometimes life’s choices aren’t really choices at all.

Fascinated. Confused. Amazing. Painful.

The synopsis of The Undead fascinated me and this lead me to gladly accept the author’s request in reviewing her book! Grim reapers are my thing nowadays and I absolutely love getting my hands on books with them in it.

When I first started this book, it was really confusing for me. I re-read the synopsis of the book a few times just to get a clearer understanding of what’s going on in the first chapter. I didn’t know what was happening with Lyla or…anything else for that matters.

I was on the verge of halting my reading but as I move onto the next few chapters, I was slowly sucked into the story. I wanted to continue reading it and I couldn’t put it down till I finished it! Of course, more confusion soon followed. This is perhaps, due to the style of writing by the author herself but story wise, it was amazingly PAINFUL.

Painful, as in it hurts for me to continue reading. Lyla Grimm is the kindest person I’ve ever read about in any books and her character is so real, so scarily realistic. In this world we live in, there are people with similar personality that suffers in silence.

What I love about Lyla Grimm, is her utmost devotion to her family and especially to Ben, her older brother.  If anyone have a younger sibling like her, they better cherish her because Lyla is a treasure. Seriously, I think most people would be jealous of Ben having Lyla as his sister. Though I must say, sadly, Ben is not most people.

In the middle of the book, to put it nicely, I have unpleasant feelings towards Lyla’s brother and her best friend. Putting it bluntly, I WANTED TO GO ON A MURDER SPREE. Then, Eric happened.

First of all, Eric acts as if he is one horrible jerk but he isn’t.

Secondly, he became the jerk.

Finally, HE ISN’T. Oh, and the murderous thoughts disappeared.

Confusing right? Yes, that’s what happened to me. Just when you think everything is going peachy and rosy for Lyla, BAM!


That’s all you guys need to know and honestly, I’m shocked I am able to put all my thoughts and feels into words.

Recommended for readers who wants to experience a bunch of different emotions!


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