Review: Can’t Get Enough by Molly McLain

cant get enoughTitle: Can’t Get Enough (River Bend #2)
Author: Molly McLain
Release date: November 24th 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Adult/Contemporary Romance
Source: Netgalley
Format: eARC
Pages:  207
Rating: 4 stars

*Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

When life gives you lemons, find a former Marine with sexy abs to lick the lemonade from…

Tony Dunn’s panty-snatching bachelor life has been turned upside down—he now has custody of a daughter he didn’t even know he fathered. With his focus solely on doing right by his little girl, the last thing he needs is a sexy, totally distracting blonde showing up on his doorstep.

Nicole Hodges is in River Bend temporarily, to handle her grandmother’s estate and get the heck out of Dodge before her past catches up with her. Only problem is…she likes the quiet little town more than she expects, and she can’t resist overextending herself to help her built-like-a-bad-boy neighbor get his life back on track.

Tony and Nicole have different goals in mind, none of which include a relationship. But what harm could come from a little fun–the naked kind–if they both know the rules up front?

Warning: This book contains a sex-deprived single dad with a wicked tongue. Enough said.

 Can’t Get Enough is a novel filled with surprising character twists in their personalities and a beautiful story of two person finding love and being healed from their past.

I can’t get enough of Can’t Get Enough. Literally.

This is such a wonderful and beautiful book. I had no idea it was part of a series until I finished reading it. Luckily for me, the book can be read as a standalone. Can’t Get Enough is truly amazing in its portrayal of how strong people can be, how strongly they can feel when it comes to love.

Now, lets talk about Mr. Tony Dunn.

I. Absolutely. Adore. Him.

His self-control is pretty impressive when he knows whatever actions he takes, might or could have an effect on his daughter. I mean, the guy just found out he has a child but still, he loves her so much and is willing to sacrifice his own needs for his daughter!

(I swear Tony will get the best father model award! Not to mention with that hot and sexy body of his! *winks*)

Meet Nicole Hodges, the girl with a past. I like Nicole a lot, for almost the same reason as Tony – her impressive self-restraint. Seriously, these two characters have the greatest amount of self-control I have ever seen. Nicole is this amazing woman who is firm with what she wants, but she can have this amazing control on not to do it.

(Well…it could be because of her past, but that’s for you guys to read and FIND OUT!)

I love everything about this book because it shows people healing from their wounds, people willing to let go and give themselves a chance to do what they want and finally, this book is just too amazing!

Highly recommended for mature readers and those who would love to get their emotions pumped high!

(That last sentence was meant for a little, teeny, tiny plot twist! :D)


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