Review: Shade by Ketley Allison

Shade Snapped Series 2 - Ketley AllisonTitle: Shade (The Snapped Series #2)
Author: Ketley Allison
Release date: November 1st 2014
Publisher: Self-Published (Ketley Allison LLC)
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Pages: 91
Rating: 4 stars

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

Famous boyfriend, penthouse on Park Avenue, full scholarship and best friend along for the ride?


A smartass drummer boy, dark obsession and a hint of betrayal?




Charlie Miller’s life in New York City is just getting started.

Again, I had the same problem. IT ENDED TOO FAST.

More trouble is brewing in the lovers’ paradise.

Charlie’s life gets really complicated in SHADE from all directions. Be it the strange messages the love of her life is getting, the weird vibe Reagan is giving, the sudden news with Lara and finally, a seemingly-normal study session with Nate turns out to be trouble.

Though this time round, I am pretty sure I’m starting to feel murderous for all the characters except for Lara. In SNAPPED, the first book, Reagan gets on my nerves a lot but this time, she just got herself an upgrade to being the most unlikeable character ever.

I get it, even normal couples gets into fights, and much less a couple where being the girlfriend has to deal with her boyfriend’s rising fame. Sometimes I wonder what Charlie is thinking. She seems be understandable with people’s action but…I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY SHE CAN BE UNDERSTANDABLE.

The way her boyfriend is treating her, and not to forget the way she is treating her boyfriend, like there are flaws on both sides. Oooh, let’s not forget NATE. Yes, let’s never forget him AND his sister, Reagan too.

Lara though, seems to be the only grounded one right now. Her senses are probably the most accurate out of everyone in this giant mess right now. So yes, this makes her awesome really. Or more accurate, Charlie is lucky to have her as her friend.

Okay, enough character-ranting. SHADE is really a good novella since well, it allows me to have so much feelings on the characters. The story development is fast and awesome!

Highly recommended for Ketley Allison and her SNAPPED series readers and of course, those would like to read a novel filled with so much drama!


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