Review: Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn

AgentS5Title: Agent S5: Jaydan (The D.I.R.E. Agency #5)
Author: Joni Hahn
Release date: December 18th 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Adult/Sci-Fi Romantic Suspense
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Pages: 142
Rating: 4½  stars

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

Agent S5: Jaydan Rose

Credentials: Former D.I.R.E. Enemy Agent, D.I.R.E. Double Agent

Enhancement: Muscle Acceleration/Strength

Now that he’s part of the D.I.R.E. Agency’s elite squad of super-powered agents, Jaydan Rose is walking the straight and narrow. He absolutely, positively avoids three things: high-maintenance women, trouble, and Hope Powers. 

Days away from his estranged brother’s wedding, Jaydan gets a lead on the missing sister-in-law of Riordan “Saint” St. James, a fellow agent. If he can locate her, perhaps he can make up for not being there when Saint had needed him most.

As the only daughter of one of the richest men in the world, and with a special power of her own, Hope Powers wants to be taken seriously. If she can prove the D.I.R.E. Agency needs her new software application, she’ll have the credibility and position she craves.

When she threatens to search for the missing woman with or without him, Jaydan’s conscience compels him to take her. However, when danger and close quarters prove too much for their passion, Jaydan knows his list of things he absolutely, positively avoids has just disintegrated. 

When their quest uncovers scandalous secrets and decades old dangers, they realize they’ve stumbled onto something bigger than themselves. While the lines of reality and imitation become blurred, a psychotic maniac makes plans for Hope. 

Will Jaydan’s past rear its ugly head and destroy them both, or does history have plans of its own?

Enhancement, agency, secrets, dangers?!


This is my first D.I.R.E Agency novel and I’m just sitting here, the wheels whirring in my mind, wondering…WHY IN THE WORLD HAVE I NOT FOUND THIS SERIES SOONER! All this enhancement stuff sounds like the Avengers or Nikita’s Division at work here!

(Probably part of the reason why I was so excited for this book!)

Meet Jaydan Rose, an enemy-agent-turned-good and now a D.I.R.E agent with muscle strength enhancement. He avoid high-maintenance women, trouble and Hope Powers.

Meet Hope Powers, the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, who wants to be taken seriously by others and is willing to go to great lengths to prove she is not an airhead.

I like how stubborn and resilient Hope is, which is also why Jaydan is attracted to her! She is a living spitfire and has a little special power on her own. She’s stubborn and it must have been one hell of a job for Jaydan to keep Hope safe when they went on the mission!

I love the interaction between the characters, especially for Jaydan and Hope! It’s like one moment they are making snide remarks about each other, the next its BAM, extremely hot tension! I would say the tension is flowing, but it feels more like them electrocuting each other with passion!


Can I just say that…THIS NOVEL IS FILLED WITH PLOT TWISTS THAT WILL KEEP YOU SQUIRMING, WAILING AND MAKING WHALE NOISES?! One second its happiness, the next sadness and anger and lots of emotions.

Just when you think everything is fine and KABOOM! The author throws a surprise bomb and blinds your emotional mind! Reading this novel has introduce me to the author, Joni Hahn and now, I want to read her D.I.R.E. Agency novels!


Highly recommended for mature readers and those who would love their characters stubborn and sizzling with hotness!





4 thoughts on “Review: Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn

  1. I was thinking the same have I not found this series sooner! Really looking forward to catching up. Thanks for the review.


  2. I left a comment earlier this morning but obviously the blog gods didn’t like it. I apologize! Thanks so much for the great review! You made my day! And thank you for hosting me. I really do appreciate the support. ❤


    • Don’t worry about it! Comments have to be approved by me so I did see your comment earlier! Once again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to read and review your book!


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