Review: Rebellion by Angela Fattig

Rebellion FrontTitle: Rebellion
Author: Angela Fattig
Release date: December 18th 2014
Publisher: Kingsnake Publishing
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Pages: 165
Rating: 3 stars

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

In the time of Adam and Eve there was an Angel named Lucifer. He had deceived God’s newest creation and was banished from Heaven to serve in Hell.

Lucifer created many things himself, just as God had. The one that most terrifies man is the Incubi, a demon that comes down to prey on unsuspecting humans while they sleep.

The Elders were put in charge of the Incubi world. The Elders have strict rules. Go to Earth. Impregnate a woman in order to rule all of Earth, as it was Lucifer’s plan to take control over all that God had created both Heaven and Earth.

Many centuries ago, an Incubus was created. He did not believe in the old ways and fought against them. The Elders had rules for such times if an Incubi refused to do what they were created for.

The Incubi would be banished to Earth to live like all Earth creatures lived, in their form, as Incubi were shape-shifters. There was one rule when banished, the Incubi was forced to live their life alone. They were not allowed to love, marry, or have a family, although for the incubus, he could still impregnate a woman, and the succubus could become pregnant, but if she shifted, that child would be lost.

The day ‘Nate’ was created they say it was the beginning of the rebellion. After he was banished to Earth, many more followed, as they too did not believe in the old ways.

There was just one thing the Incubi Elders failed to think of. The hand of God created Lucifer, the hand of Lucifer created demons. Therefore, the Incubi were the work of God. If given the chance, they would serve God well.

Do not be intimidated by the entire history lesson of God, Lucifer and Incubi in the synopsis! I confess, I was one of those people and frankly, I had no idea what to expect in Rebellion!

I was thinking Rebellion might be one of those heavy content novel with lots of history lessons and stuff but it turns out to be something rather different! Rebellion focus mainly on 4 Incubi and Succubus along with their mates, Nate and Melody, with Sam and Jan, Lindsey and Steven and a little on Lilu and Skylee.

It’s touching to see how just how much they were willing to do for each other. For Nate, Sam and Lindsey, these three Incubi and Succubus were one of those who were banished by the Elders to live on Earth and each of them watches the one person they love from afar, unwilling to take any risks.

Though…I guess love conquers all? It must be really painful though, to not talk to the one person you like. For Nate and Melody, they just look at each other from afar. It was like the tension was sizzling between them! That heated gaze, when their eyes meet and sparks EXPLODES!

(Overly dramatic I know, but you bookies get the picture!)

It’s almost the same for the rest of the Incubi and Succubus with their mates. Something about being an Incubi/Succubus enhances erotic sexual experience and tension?  (Psst, that was what Lindsey said!)

The thing about Rebellion is that, the pace was too fast and everything seems rushed! I like how the story breaks into 4 different views but I wish there weren’t repetitive words or almost the same action. While moving onto different perspective gives a fresh read to the book, having almost the same scenes doesn’t work out well for me.

Despite all that, the whole Incubus and Succubus thing is pretty awesome!

Recommended for readers who would love a light read with Incubus and Succubus with their mates!




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