Review: Altar of Reality by Mara Valderran

perf6.000x9.000.inddTitle: Altar of Reality
Author: Mara Valderran
Release date: January 22nd 2015
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Genre: Young Adult/Dystopian/Science Fiction Romance
Source: Publisher
Format: eARC
Rating: 5 stars

*Thank you to Curiosity Quills Press for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

Sixteen year-old Madeline has struggled with epilepsy for most of her adolescent life, leaving her something of a social pariah. Things go from bad to worse when she wakes up from her first grand mal seizure in an extremely unfamiliar world but surrounded but familiar faces. Her hometown is in ruins, the aftermath of a Cold War turned hot.

Thomas, the boy that stomped on her heart a year ago, and his brother Brandon have been hiding her away since the explosion that killed her parents. The Lord Commander, now running the southern territories, believes Madeline died with them and the brothers need to keep it that way.

The biggest problem? The explosion happened when she was twelve.

Madeline isn’t sure what to believe. The brothers insist her memories must be of a dream life she created while in her coma. But when she returns to the reality she knows, they insist this war-torn world must be the dream. She doesn’t know if she’s truly caught in the middle of a brewing rebellion or teetering on the brink of insanity. As she finds herself flipping between the two lives, her heart becomes torn between two versions of the same boy and the lines between her realities begin to blur.

This is one of the best YA novel I have ever read since Catch Me When I Fall and Charming!

Also, Altar of Reality is one flipping-crazy-ass story that will make you question your own reality and sanity!

That…and I promise you this – your heart will stop MORE THAN A FEW TIMES AND YOU WILL PROBABLY BE SOBBING UGLILY TOO!

This book got me so crazy and I could not tear my eyes away from the story! Every page I turn, brings me one step closer to the answers I need! Madeline is facing a hellish nightmare and with each plot twist thrown in by Miss Valderran, is one step further into the cave of feels where you will question just how sane Madeline is.


This is one of those rare book where I actually love the protagonist’s thoughts and behaviours, like ALL OF THEM. The way she think, why she did this, it all makes sense and frankly, very realistic.

Which is why Thomas, Brandon, Hayden and Austin wasn’t my focus, AND THAT IS A RARE THING. Usually, I would be shipping people together but in Altar of Reality, I just think it’s not possible. Madeline is like a Katniss Everdeen character, who needs no one but herself.

Having that said, it’s also probably because of the complicated nature of Madeline with her relationships and also, her slipping into two realities, with everyone Madeline knows claiming the other is a dream.

Madeline is living a constant danger of slipping in between the two realities and you, my dear bookies, wouldn’t know exactly WHICH REALITY IS REAL! That alone will drive you mad, I promise.

I swear Miss Valderran has this EXCELLENT ability to just turn your whole feels upside and into chaos with all her plot twists. When I turn onto the next page, wanting to know what would happened, all I got was…THE END.

I was like…





How I feel right now is exactly how Augustus Waters feel after reading the Imperial Affliction.

I’m praying there is a sequel to this because if not, I WILL CRY AND EVERYONE HIDE BECAUSE I WILL BE WREAKING HAVOC.

Highly recommended for all readers to read Altar of Reality! You will not regret this!



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