Review: Can’t Walk Away by Molly McLain

Can't Walk AwayTitle: Can’t Walk Away (River Bend #3)
Author: Molly McLain
Release date: February 9th 2015
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Adult/Contemporary Romance
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Pages:  190
Rating: 4 stars

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

A convenient, casual, and completely orgasmic fling. What more could a girl want? 

For the past year, barista Ally Barrett has been content to spend her weekends distracting River Bend’s hottest commodity—the sexy, too-serious sheriff. Their casual arrangement suits her independent nature just fine…until it doesn’t.

Sheriff and Army Guardsman Mark Dunn lives to serve the people of his community and his country. Ally is the only woman who’s never asked for more than his nights—and the only one he’s ever considered giving his days, as well. Too bad duty says otherwise.

When an unexpected pregnancy flips their no-strings understanding on its head—and tarnishes both of their reputations—Mark has a tough time proving he wants a real relationship and not just re-election. But if this sheriff knows anything, it’s how to fight for what he believes in—Ally’s heart.

Warning: This book contains a hero who’s all business and no play…unless there’s a dress and a hot redhead involved. 

So the first time I read the River Bend series, I couldn’t get enough of Can’t Get Enough! If I haven’t stated this before, I am officially in love with Molly McLain and her River Bend series after reading Can’t Walk Away!

One of the many reasons for loving this series besides the hot people (duh!), is that the people are all very relatable! They’re not rich people who has some sort of crazy, twisted-experience that makes them crave control and power. They are just normal people, like you and me!

(Which makes me really hopeful that someday, I might get someone as hot as Tony and Mark Dunn and get a taste of that love they have for their women!)

Back to Can’t Get Away, this story focus more on the emotional side of things rather than the external factors. To put it simply, it means this novel focus more on Ally and Mark and their lack of communication can prove to be fatal for their relationship.

They operate on the long-term ‘one night stands’ rule, like friends with benefits and nothing more. I, for one, don’t really believe two person can just have casual sex without having their feelings for each other deepens!

Which brings me to the next thing, Ally and Mark falls in love but with both misunderstanding each other due to Mark putting Ally through something. Both of them don’t explain their emotions well enough, and they could go from having hot-and-steamy sex to being pissed-off at each other!

They got me really frustrated, like I just want to put the both of them in one dark room and forced them to talk to each other! Haha, desperate times calls for desperate measures!

Highly recommended for readers who would love an intense relationship between a stubborn and hot sheriff, with an equally sexy barista!


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