Review: Retribution by Mandy Lou Dowson

Retribution CoverTitle: Retribution
Author: Mandy Lou Dowson
Release Date: May 4th 2015
Publisher: Self-Published
Genres: Dark Romance
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Rating: 5 stars

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

Three people irrevocably linked.
A remorseless killer.
A shady businessman.
A woman caught in the cross-fire.

Braxton Alexander is a beast without remorse; a vessel filled with hate. Imprisoned for the murder of the one girl who loved him, now he is free, and hell bent on taking all of his pent up rage out on one person in particular.

Brycen Cole knows he must stop Braxton from taking everything he has and turning it to ash.

Gemma Woods has loved Brycen for years, but ever so slowly the happiness she once felt in the arms of her lover has turned to fear and resentment.

Braxton has one goal, one thought, and one mission – destroy Brycen Cole, by any means necessary.
He will not stop.
He will not fail.
Like a juggernaut, he will keep coming, destroying everything in his wake.

Brycen runs a successful corporation and provides a lot of pay-checks; he also has a shady past and a dark talent for hiding things.

Gemma spots the wolf in sheep’s clothing but cannot stop gravitating towards him again and again.

What happens when the lines between good and evil become blurred? 

What happens when the one you love is the one you should fear?

What happens when the one you fear becomes the only one you can trust?


I am convinced that my earc copy of RETRIBUTION is actually missing at least 20 pages…or possibly a whole chapter.





Be warned! You will be reduced to a hot steaming mess of nothing but anger, happiness, elation and finally, denial in that order after reading RETRIBUTION!

(Let’s not forget sexy, gritty, and oozing manliness!)

Gemma, Brycen and Braxton. These 3 people are linked to each other, especially for Gemma, in a cruel way. Retribution is one of the best dark romance read I ever have in a long time!

My heart absolutely breaks for Gemma. She’s so strong yet her fire seems to diminish each day she loves Brycen and stays with him. Brycen is one of the biggest asshole I have ever encountered and despite that, I honestly wished he would stop doing shitty things to Gem.

This is a rather complicated and interesting relationship between Gemma and Brycen. Well, the part with Gemma losing her happiness is pretty obvious she isn’t happy in this relationship. It becomes rather confusing for Brycen.


That’s not all. So many evil things and YET HE STILL PROCLAIMED HIS LOVE FOR HER?

I’m lost, confused, angry, and sad and just a bundle of emotions but this is definitely some sort of twisted love-hate relationship

NOW…we move onto one of the hottest, sexiest, manly and dark man in the land of sexy men – Braxton Alexander.

Oh phew! You guys most definitely need a change of panties after reading the heavy action between Gemma and Braxton!

Seriously, if anyone was standing even near them during their eye-f*cking session will melt. Literally into a pool of hot mess!

Retribution is a dark romance story about people who found love in strange places, obsession with revenge and love and PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS!

Risks include: rollercoaster of emotion, emotional therapy is needed after reading, chocolates, and etc.

Highly recommended for everyone to read this amazing novel!


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