Something NEW: Writer’s Bookish Thoughts

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! Something NEW is coming to Revenge of the Feels!

I just realised how little of my own thoughts are put in during blog tours, cover reveals and release blitz posts! I used to do it but nowadays, it seems like I’ve been too busy. Also, I don’t even have any thing to interact with my supportive followers!

Something NEW: I Love You

(Yes, my followers are not many but I appreciate all your supports and comments! It actually does help me when I realise “Ahh! There are actually kind souls out there who read my books!”)

So back to the main point of the post, from now onwards, I will try to put in my thoughts in my posts! Perhaps some of you have seen the “Writer’s Bookish Thoughts” appearing on a recent book review?

Writer refers to me but don’t worry, I’ll put my name down after my comment! It’s basically just me talking in coherent (or maybe incoherent, who knows!) words about my thoughts and feelings for the particular post!

I might do posts on this itself and there were usually be a title, like “Writer’s Bookish Thoughts: Top 10 Novels/Authors” or…you get the picture! Any particular book-related subjects you want me to talk about, do sound off in the comments below!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts bookies!


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