Review: Carnal Risk by Kym Grosso

Carnal Risk CoverTitle: Carnal Risk (Club Altura #1)
Author: Kym Grosso
Release Date: June 2nd 2015
Publisher: MT Carvin Publishing
Genre: Adult/Contemporary/Erotic Romance/Suspense
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Rating: 5 stars

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

Powerful CEO, Garrett Emerson’s, life and corporation are built on a foundation of risk taking and top secret priorities. He works hard, but plays even harder. When tragedy strikes, the charismatic and sexy billionaire takes the gamble of his life by bringing a beautiful consultant into his inner sanctum, exposing her to his exclusive society of extreme athletes who are adventurous both in business and pleasure. Inexplicably drawn to the intriguing woman, Garrett teaches her to face her fears, bringing them both to new levels of ecstasy.

Selby Reynolds, a high profile technology specialist, reluctantly accepts an engagement at Emerson Industries. Discovering secrets and uncovering clues to a murder, she’s swept into Garrett’s dangerous but seductive life of luxury. Captivated by the world renowned capitalist and adventurer, she’s convinced he could crush her heart. As he pushes her sexual limits and their erotic play intensifies, Selby finds it impossible to resist the one man who turns her darkest fantasies into a reality.

When Selby’s life is threatened by a killer, carnal lessons of trust are put to the test, forcing them to choose who is friend and who is foe. Can Selby give her heart to a man who revels in the excitement of flirting with death? Will they prevail against an enemy who threatens to tear apart Garrett’s world, including the fragile connection with the woman he seeks to claim as his own?

This is my first novel from Miss Kym Grosso and…


This is just too much…Carnal Risk is just TOO MUCH FOR MY FEELS!

When I picked up Carnal Risk, I literally cannot stop reading until I reached the end!

This novel, or maybe it’s just Miss Kym’s superb writing talent, keeps you glued onto her book and every scene, every character, will make you forget about your world and be sucked into hers!

First of all, can I say just how much I love Selby Reynolds, this amazing strong-headed woman who will not hesitate to give her piece of her mind when people are giving her shit?!


Boy, is she talented! I mean just her skills as a technology specialist is enough to make me admire her!

Now, for one of the hottest man ever, meet Garrett Emerson.

The man who has capture the heart of Selby and in so many ways, helped her through everything!

Their love is this really raw emotion and steamy.

Yes, my dear bookies. STEAMY. RAW. SEXY. LOVE.

(You name it, their love has it! It is a rather sensual emotion!)

I would highly recommend ALL the readers to read it, especially fans of Sarah Castille’s Full Contact, Pepper Winters’ Monsters in the Dark and Fifty Shades of Grey series will enjoy Carnal Risk!

P.S.: I am most definitely looking forward to the next novel of Club Altura and of course, Kym Grosso’s novels!


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