Blog Tour: Capitol Submission Series by Skylar Grey (Interview + Reviews + Teasers!)

Hey bookies! Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for the CAPITOL SUBMISSION SERIES by Skylar Grey!



Capitol Submission Box Set

Hotshot D.C. Attorney Terissa Ivers has two huge problems. First, her new client has uncovered information that may implicate the hot single 37-year old war hero President Harrison Pierce in the tragic assassination of the previous President and First Lady. Second, Terissa can’t stop herself from giving in to submissive encounters with a mysterious dirty-talking dominant man whose face she has never seen…a man with a dark secret and a very high position in the U.S. Government.

When her client ends up dead, Terissa finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy that stretches to the highest levels of Washington. Trusts are broken, shots are fired, and identities are revealed as her life spirals out of control.

Terissa finds herself in a race against time to figure out the high-ranking official who works for the shadow group Solvane, locate a nuclear weapon stashed in an American city, and free twenty-one captured American soldiers before they are killed…all while convincing the American media that the dominant man who takes her to new heights of passionate rapture is innocent. A 4-book series. Mature content. 18+ only.

1) Where did the idea of having a romance between a President and an Attorney came from?
Not going to lie…directly from SCANDAL the TV show. But I wanted to do it differently. No cheating on any First Lady. Plus, I wanted POTUS to be young and hotter. So I asked myself, “How could a young single muscular 37-year old become President?” The answer came to me via the AMERICAN SNIPER Chris Kyle, may he rest in peace. I’m sure that if he had lived, he would have been courted with offers to run for office. So Harrison is a fictional version of him, no offense to the real-life hero.

Terissa is a little bit like Olivia Pope, but much younger and less established. She’s less certain of herself too…well, until Book 4, that is, when she kicks ass 😉

2) Inspiration for the personalities behind Harrison Pierce and Terissa Ivers?
Oh, I think I just answered that…lol 😉

3) VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION! How did the image of Harrison and Terissa came to you?
Hm, Harrison isn’t based on any one particular person. I just pictured a dark-haired aquamarine-eyed good looking NAVY seal covered in muscle, and then threw a suit on him and put him in the Oval Office.

Terissa…hmmm…yeah. Back to Olivia Pope again, only younger. I think I’d want Zoe Kravitz to play her in a movie version…oooooooooh
yeah! 😛

4) Dreamcast?
Heh. I’m good. I’m figuring out your next questions as I answer them.

Zoe Kravitz as Terissa Ivers.
Matt Bomer as Harrison Pierce.
Henry Ian Cusick as Kellan James.
Robert Redford as James Henry Fremont.
Gerard Butler as Chase Dalton.
Bryce Dallas Howard as Carmen.
Gina Torres as Judith Brand.
Chris Matthews (I know, not an actor…but he fits) as Attorney
General John Daniels.
Viola Davis as Annalise Williams.
Denzel Washington as Ervin Gallant.
Pam Grier as Auntie O.
Patrick Fischler as Edouard Dreynauld.
Ki Hong Lee as Eddie Chen.
Charlize Theron as Marla Anders.

I think that’s it. Did I forget anyone?

5) (Okay, this is more for me but…) Will there ever be a sequel? Or even short novellas of the Capitol Submission series?
I’m thinking about it. I’m working on a new series set in Miami that’s kind of a complete sexfest :O But I’m open to the idea. After all, Solvane is still out there and John Daniels is still Attorney General…LOL. 😀


Capitol Submission Sales

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Book 2 is 99 CENTS!!!

Book 3 is 99 CENTS!!!

Book 4 is 99 CENTS!!!!

Check out my reviews for all four books!

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4


Capitol Submission Teaser 5

Capitol Submission Teaser 2 Capitol Submission Teaser 7

Capitol Submission Teaser 1

Capitol Submission Teaser 3

Capitol Submission Teaser 4

Capitol Submission Teaser 6

Capitol Submission Teaser 8


About the author:

I love dark, mysterious, and deviant. Powerful dominant alpha males with troubled pasts who find strong but unfulfilled submissive women. Both need to escape the “rules” of society (just like me… haha.) Together they make hot steamy delight and fill in each other’s damaged parts. This is me. This is what I write. Hope you like it.

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