Blog Tour: Sweet on Wilde by Fabiola Francisco (Excerpt + Review + Teasers!)

Hey bookies! Welcome to the first day and my stop on the blog tour for Sweet on Wilde!

Guess who’s the author?!

FABIOLA FRANCISCO! One of my favourite and go-to author for contemporary romance!

Sweet on Wilde Cover

Title: Sweet on Wilde
Author: Fabiola Francisco
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 7th 2015
Purchase LinksAmazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (AU)Amazon (CA)

Eight months ago, I made a deal with my best friend. This wasn’t your typical pact. No, we had to take a different route. The deal was that if we were still single by fall, we would join online dating. Yes…now I am that girl. Just me, though, because she met a guy and saved herself from the awkwardness of dating people you meet via the Internet.

Cheesy pick up lines.

Inappropriate messages.

Disaster dates.

I don’t want to be “Savannah, profile 8713,” but a pinky promise is a promise you keep. What I wasn’t counting on was meeting a guy at the local bar.

So what happens when you decide to open yourself up to new opportunities? You might just cross paths with someone who makes you believe in love. Parker Wilde brought out the best in me and understood the worst, but when an amazing opportunity presents itself and our lives take different directions, is being sweet on Wilde enough for us?



The music blasting from the speakers draws me, and I move my body to the beat as I sit by the bar facing the dance floor. Although Southern is a more laid back bar, it has a small area designated for the patrons that want to dance without feeling like they’re disrupting the flow of the service.

“Let’s go dance.” Parker is eyeing me mischievously, obviously enjoying as I move to the music. The stress he came in with has now totally eased out of his body. He is back to his relaxed, confident self.

“It’s okay. I’m fine here, not much of a dancer,” I lie because the thought of dancing with him throws me off.

“Really? You haven’t stopped moving. Come on,” he reaches his hand out to me. Taking a moment to watch him as he stands before me with his hand out, I can appreciate how good-looking he is. I take his hand and let him lead me towards the small crowd dancing in the center of the venue.

“Sweet Home Alabama” begins to come through the speakers, and as soon as everyone hears the familiar introduction, they get in position, ready to dance the steps taught to us from a young age. In perfect unison, we all begin the line dance, looking like something out of Footloose. As I’m turning with the beat, I notice Parker beside me, following along without missing a step. I look down at his feet, and smile, shaking my head.

Two more songs come on, each with its own line dance to accompany the music, and we all dance. The next song that comes on is a slower one, so I head back to the bar in need of a cold beer to cool down. Line dancing always gets me excited but it can be tiring. Before I make it out of the crowd, an arm jerks me back and turns me. I’m facing Parker, his smile causing my heart rate to speed out of control. “One more,” he says, beginning the two-step to Billy Currington’s lyrics. Leading me around the dance floor, Parker is confident, his grip on me firm as we move through the other people dancing.

“You know, for someone who mocks my boots, yours look quite worn and broken in.”

He chuckles, his grip tightening around my waist. “I may not be from Tuscaloosa, but I am a southern boy, Savannah.” His drawl heavier, making his point.


Sweet on Wilde Teaser 2

Sweet On Wilde Teaser 3

Sweet on Wilde Teaser 5

Sweet On Wilde Teaser 4

Sweet on Wilde Teaser 1


Do you ever just start reading a book and the world literally dissolves and the only thing you see, breathe and on your mind is everything in the book?


I would really love to be able to explore this author’s mind. This is the third novel I’ve read that is written by her and each time, she surpass my expectations and gets even better!

It’s not just her writing, but the way she describes the love between the characters’, their emotions, feelings, thoughts, movements…EVERYTHING!

Sweet on Wilde is one of the sweetest, funniest and at one point, really painful-for-my-heart-and-feels-threatening-to-explode novel I have ever read!

Don’t get me started on Savannah and Parker because…(TOO LATE I’M GOING TO START!)

Savannah is so humorous and seeing Parker’s shy or should I say, unsure moments really got me into fits of laughter!


Really, it’s the first time I’ve read about a guy who’s charming but isn’t a jerk, ass, dick and extremely sweet like most of the time!

Their banter is my life. Literally. I live for Savannah and Parker’s extremely sweet banter!


Fabiola Francisco is definitely my contemporary romance go-to author! Highly recommended not just Sweet on Wilde (THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST READ!) but also her other novels to everyone!


About the author:

Fabiola Francisco is a contemporary romance author from Miami, FL. She has always enjoyed writing. When she was young she began writing creatively. It was always a therapeutic way for her to express herself. She began with poetry, and throughout the years went expanding to short narratives until she finally decided to write a novel.

Her love for books has inspired her to write her own stories. Her books range from emotional to lighthearted humor. She is a firm believer in happily ever afters and the sometimes jagged path to achieving it. She hopes to continue writing more stories to reach readers individually.

When she’s not writing, Fabiola loves expressing herself through art and being out in nature. She loves to cuddle with a good book and a glass of wine.

Find her on: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter




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