Cover Reveal: Unexpected Forfeit by Sapphire Knight (Excerpt + Giveaway + Teasers!)

Hey bookies! One of my favourite author is back with a cover reveal for her new novel!

I’M SO EXCITED!! She’s the author for the Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC series!


Unexpected Forfeit Cover

Title: Unexpected Forfeit (A Ground and Pound Novel)
Author: Sapphire Knight
Genres: MMA, Sports Romance, Contemporary, Fighter, Erotica novel
Release: September 1st 2015


Every chance I get, I go to watch the local fights.

I crave the excitement and the rush as it courses through

my body, with the sounds of fists meeting flesh.

It’s not just the blood or the hard bodies that keeps me coming back each time, wanting more.

It’s Jace ‘King’ Kash and his artic blue eyes. He has fists made of steel with a body honed for speed. He’s breathtaking to watch in the cage. The King easily brings men to their knees, and then graciously helps them up when he’s finished.

Getting introduced to him was thrilling, falling in love with him, unexpected.

Jace comes pounding through, waking my mind and body up; showing me what I was missing out on in my life. He makes me realize what I could have and that what doesn’t destroy me, will eventually make me stronger.


Illusions, life is full of them. My life wasn’t always like it is now, how it appears from the outside. I was drowning in drugs, gangs and in my brother’s bad decisions.

So, I did what I do best, I fought my way out. I keep fighting, using every asset I have and attempting to get as far away from my past as possible.

Chyna enters into my life right as I’m prepping for the biggest fight of my existence. I wasn’t looking for any new distractions, but she becomes my personal drug of choice, begging me to use her. Unfortunately, Chyna’s not the only person that show’s up out of the blue.

When my past decides to go after my girl, it’s my turn to make it rain, to make it hurt. I refuse to let it destroy me this time, dragging her down in the process. I just hope she can make it through the last round beside me and not forfeit.

Once that bell rings, watch out, because I will come for you, I will hunt you down and fight to the death. I’m the King, I won’t be defeated.



Unexpected Forfeit Full Cover


“Well by all means, I can’t let it be unfair. Take the wheel for a second.” He lets go of the steering wheel and I lean over quickly to straighten us out again. He reaches back with one hand behind his neck and easily peels off his tank. I mean JESUS CHRIST the tank alone wasn’t enough torture for me to stare at?

He grabs the wheel quickly as we start to swerve, “Woah! You’re supposed to be watching right now!”

Shit. I wasn’t paying attention to the road; I was staring at his chest full of sculpted pecs and abs. I blink quickly. Shit this is what Vivid was talking about with me zoning out. I bet that bitch jinxed me! I look down his body a little more. Oh Wow! Yep he has the “V” going on. I’ve never really got what the big deal is before but sitting here staring at it , I can’t help but just want to lean down and lick each hard ridge.

“Oops sorry about that! You had me curious to what exactly you were doing and I got distracted.”

“I told you I was making it fair. I mean if you’re going to not have to wear a shirt, then I don’t want to either. We’re headed to the beach anyhow.”

Dear sweet little six pound baby Jesus. I wonder if this trick would work with his pants also.

“It’s cool, I understand completely, fair is fair after all. So tell me, if I take off my pants?”


Unexpected Forfeit Teaser 1

Unexpected Forfeit Teaser 4

Unexpected Forfeit Teaser 3

Unexpected Forfeit Teaser 2


About the author:

Sapphire KnightSapphire Knight is the author of Secrets, Exposed, Relinquish and Corrupted. Her books all reflect on what she loves to read herself.

She is a Texas girl who is crazy about football. Sapphire has always had a knack for writing, whether it is poems or stories.

She originally studied psychology and that has only added to her passion for writing. Sapphire has two boys and has been married for ten years.

When she’s not busy in her writing cave, she’s busy playing with her three Doberman Pinschers.

She loves to donate to help animals and watching a good action movie.

Find her on: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon



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