Cover Reveal: Forsaken Control by Sapphire Knight (Excerpt + Teasers!)

Forsaken Control Banner

Hey hey biker bookies! Sapphire Knight is back with a new novel for her Oath Keepers MC series!

The cover is HOTTER THAN EVER!

Check out the an exclusive excerpt and teasers below!

Forsaken Control Cover

Title: Forsaken Control (An Oath Keepers MC Novel)
Author: Sapphire Knight
Genre: Contemporary, Erotica, Mafia, MC, Romantic suspense
Release: Fall/Winter 2015

I was suffocating till the club saved me.
I’ve sent the pain below, buried it and taken control of my life. 
Now, I cause the pain. I make people break and beg for their lives, as I decide their fates.
It’s up to me as the Enforcer to protect my club by any means necessary.

She comes in to my life, like a stiff punch to the gut, making me question everything I once believed.

She belongs to my brother and it goes against everything to take her from him.
However, I don’t want to just take her. No, I want them both.

Can my club handle it?

Can he?

Because she already loves me..


Forsaken Control Full Cover


Forsaken Control Teaser 1

Forsaken Control Teaser 2

Forsaken Control Teaser 3

Forsaken Control Teaser 4


“London, I still can’t believe Cain let you drive his car.”

“Did I say he let me drive it?” She peers at me curiously.

“No fucking way! You took his car? Are you nuts?”

She shrugs, grinning, a shit eating grin and turns to walk into the grocery store. She’s lost her freaking mind. Cain is going to redden her ass like no tomorrow and I bet she’s anticipating just that.

“This right here is why we are such good friends, you know that right?” I chortle loudly, walking quickly to catch up with her long legs.

“Because we both like to steal cars?” Her icy blue irises sparkle and I giggle.

“No, but this is pretty epic. I wonder if he has figured it out yet.”

“Oh my phone will be blowing up like crazy when he does, don’t worry, we will know.”

“You don’t think he would come here on his bike do you? He still keeps his old bike at the club right?”

“Fuck my life. If you see him, hide. I need to have a cake or something in my hands when he sees me. I know I can distract him if I promise he can lick something off of me.”

“And I thought I was the kinky one.”

“Please bitch; you are sooo the kinky one! Speaking of, how is the deal working out with having Ares too?” She glances at me as she gets a shopping cart and starts walking toward the produce section in the grocery store.

“I don’t have Ares too.” I gaze at her a little confused.


About the author:

Sapphire KnightSapphire Knight is the author of Secrets, Exposed, Relinquish and Corrupted. Her books all reflect on what she loves to read herself.

She is a Texas girl who is crazy about football. Sapphire has always had a knack for writing, whether it is poems or stories.

She originally studied psychology and that has only added to her passion for writing. Sapphire has two boys and has been married for ten years.

When she’s not busy in her writing cave, she’s busy playing with her three Doberman Pinschers.

She loves to donate to help animals and watching a good action movie.

Find her on: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon


In the Series:

Secrets (Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC #1)

Exposed (Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC #2)

Relinquish (Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC #3)

Corrupted (Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC #4)

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Buy Links:


Amazon CA:

Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:

Barnes & Noble:




Coming Soon: Unwanted Sacrifices





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