Hello bookies! Thank you to all the authors, bloggers, readers who have been supporting REVENGE OF THE FEELS!

Exactly one year ago, this blog was started to curb my boredom! Or rather, I have seen two of my friends reading and reviewing books and I was thinking, “Hey! I want that!” and so I did! I thought my blog wouldn’t last, probably a few months or so I would have given up. I was always a person who comes in 🔥 hot 🔥 and ❄️ cold ❄️ to things I am interested in! I can be very passionate and interested in the things I hae set my sights on! Yet, loses interest just as fast!

One thing’s for sure though! The passion to read never disappears! Thank all my 🌟🌟🌟!

Just when I thought my blog probably wouldn’t last…look where REVENGE OF THE FEELS is right now! Celebrating her first birthday!

I have my author friends to thank for! They have opened my eyes to the beautiful and magnificent world of Indie Authors! The stories they write, it’s all so amazing! To my first few friends when I started out with this blog, Gwendolyn Grace, Kimberly Blalock, Sheila Kell, Sassie Lewis, Susan Child, Felicity Kates and the awesome Maci Dillion, thank you all for all the support!

Oh, oh! To Fabiola Francisco and Christy Pastore, the authors behind one of the most beautiful and sweetest romance novels, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BOOKS!

Of course, I have also met a lot of other amazing authors because of my initiation into this cool blogging and Indie Authors World! Their books are REALLY AMAZING! 


Thank you to Fabiola Francisco, Robin Nadler, Dzintra Sullivan, Ann Grech, Clarissa Wild, Wild and Dirty Book Blog, Cleo Scornavacca, Gwendolyn Grace, Kira Adams, Sheila Kell, Kimberly Blalock, Sapphire Knight, Grae Lily, Felicity Kates, Rachael Slate, Siobhan Daiko, A.M. Willard, D.S. Wrights, Lora Ann and Lauren Smith for their generous donation to my blogversary’s giveaway!




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