Review: Speak by Eden Rose

Speak CoverTitle: Speak (The Untold Series)
Author: Eden Rose
Release Date:
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Adult/
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Rating: 3 stars

Garrett is Audrey’s brother. You know, the hot one that is over protective? He has every right to be over protective especially after everything he has been through. However, does he really think that will work with Liz?

Liz is Audrey’s best friend and runs into Garrett at the sex club that she frequents. This is just not a free spirited girl. No, she doesn’t believe in titles and is enjoying sleeping with women and men. How is that going to work with the rules and regulated Garrett?

A few chance encounters and now Garrett finds himself in Liz’s room with her friend, Jerry. Jerry isn’t too excited to share her time with Liz, but is willing to try it. After everything is said and done, is Liz going to be able to decide what and who she wants?

Garrett isn’t going to want to share Liz’s attention even if its with a woman. Can he convince her that he can be what she needs, and only him?

Speak is a rather interesting novel! Quite an unique story between Liz and Garrett! Eden Rose definitely has a knack for writing a really different story that makes her stand out! Cuffed was the first novel I’ve read from her and I really loved it! It also made me looked forward to reading more of her novels!

So when the chance came for me to read another one of her novel, I jumped at the chance! I wasn’t disappointed with Speak’s story but rather, a little upset with the writing?

(I’m not exactly sure why I think it’s that way though?!)

Those who know me or read my reviews, would know that I don’t talk much about authors’ writing and choose to focus on the story and characters itself because authors are able to write stories which I can’t. For that, I really respect their abilities to craft out an amazing story!

For Speak, the pace was too fast, the words spoken by the characters was overly dramatic and I would probably never imagine someone like Garrett to have that kind of personality.

Despite all these, I think Speak has the potential to be a really great story! Liz is an opportunist and someone who has no barriers for sexual relationships. She likes to be free and just enjoy physical pleasure. To me, Liz is a pretty cool person! I just think perhaps the characters, especially Garrett’s personality, to be better? Garrett could have tell Liz his thoughts in a better way as compared to just throw it in her face.

Speaking of sexual relationships, the steamy scenes with the Jerry-Liz-Garrett ménage is pretty hot! Liz and Garrett’s scenes were sweet and passionate at the same time! That’s another talent from Miss Eden Rose!

This novel is recommended for mature readers and those who would like a totally different story from the usual contemporary romance novels!

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK)


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