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Title: Not Enough
Author: Mia Hoddell
Release Date: November 16th 2015
Pages: 324

Neve Colvin isn’t good enough. As an introvert, her life is a never-ending list of labels and criticism. Pressures to change come from everyone—including the one person she thought would love her unconditionally … her mother. All Neve wants is acceptance, but surrounded by extroverts it’s a wish that’s nearly impossible to fulfil.

For Neve there’s only one solution: anyone disapproving must go. Even if it means only one person will remain.

That person is her lifelong friend Blake Reynolds. He’s seen the fights with her mum, the breakdowns caused by attacks on her personality, and the battles for acceptance. Each time she is left shattered and questioning who she is, he’s the one to collect the pieces of her broken heart. Shielding her from the cruelty is his only concern. But how can he protect her when Neve is concealing a secret so dark?

Blake thinks he knows everything about her, and with their relationship developing, he assumes Neve trusts him fully. However, there is one memory Neve is too ashamed of to share. Revealing it will test Blake’s loyalty beyond what she could ever ask, and Blake is the only friend she can’t afford to lose. He’s the one person capable of dragging her from the darkness plaguing her, but with pressures to conform increasing, even Blake may not be enough to pull her back this time.


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“From the dedication at the beginning up to the end this was both a thought provoking and an emotional read for me and I loved it!” – Sandra @ JeanzBookReadNReview
“This story tugged at my heartstrings, played on my every emotion. It was a beautifully written story of how an introverted young girl blossoms into a beautiful young woman.” – Keren Hughes, Author of Nothing Like The First Time
“A heartbreaking read that sometimes had me close to tears.” – Susan @ Ladies Living in Bookland
“Heartbreaking. Powerful. Real … I literally lived the pages, not read them … It’s so well and beautifully written, it is more than just another YA novel.” – Cristina @ Crazy Beautiful 



“You’re not broken, Neve.” I lower my head at his words, but his finger pulls my gaze back to his. “You’re not.”

“Whatever, try telling that to everyone else.”

“F*** their opinions, Neve. You’re. Not. Broken. You’re not deficient or not good enough. You’re stronger than you believe. So what if you’re quieter than the rest of the people you’ve mixed with. That doesn’t make you any less funny, quick witted, clever, beautiful, or a great friend to be around. You’ve been given a hard time, but you’re still here fighting, and I’ll always be there beside you.”

I tense at his words, at how far from the truth they are. “I haven’t always. There have been times where fighting was the furthest thing from my mind.” If only he knew how far I’d taken things, he wouldn’t be sitting here complimenting me.

“Don’t be daft, of course you are. You’re here, aren’t you? And you just pledged your undying love to me.”

“I did no—” I stop talking abruptly when I glance up and catch his teasing grin. “You’re annoying.”

“It got a smile out of you though.”

I bob my head gently in agreement, thankful that the change of subject stopped me revealing the one and only thing Blake doesn’t know.


Not Enough is one of the most emotional…yet realistic novel I have ever read!

Mia Hoddell has brought my attention to the emotions faced by introverts, and how they must or might have felt whenever people tells them to go out and socialise. People think that introverts are shy and isolating themselves, and the most common phrase that comes out of their mouths, or should I say most of us, would be, “You should go out and socialise more!”

We do not realise in saying that, we are only causing more harm to them. If your personality is not, and never has been an introvert, you would never have understand how they must have felt. Even if you are think you are the closest friend.

Neve Colvin. The girl who thinks that she will never be accepted for who she is. The girl who tried her best to please her mother, only to have her confidence and heart shattered.

Neve’s mother is the one person I would love to have screamed in her face for causing so much harm to Neve. She doesn’t think or care about Neve. The only thought that probably includes Neve is how she ungrateful she thinks Neve is and that Neve should socialise more. She never STOPPED to think about the harm she has caused Neve.

Seriously, the entire time I was reading Not Enough, I wish Neve actually stood up to her mother. It’s not right, to be turned down at every turn! That my readers, is when I am so glad that Blake exists! I guess you could say he was the light in Neve’s darkness? ^_^

No amount of words will ever describe how thankful I am to know that Blake stuck by Neve’s life! She deserves someone like Blake, instead of her own mother poisoning her. Her mother don’t deserve a daughter like Neve!

This novel is so beautiful it makes my heart cry so much! From the struggles Neve face, I have learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes when you’re facing your inner demons, it is hard for people to stick by you. Yet for Neve, Blake was there for her. This is a novel, not just about two people finding love, but also about how one finds her salvation in another.

Highly recommended for readers to read this wonderful novel!


About the author:

#1 Amazon bestselling author Mia Hoddell lives in the UK with her family and two cats. She spends most of her time writing or reading, loves anything romantic, and has an overactive imagination that keeps her up until the early hours of the morning.

Mia has written over ten titles including her Seasons of Change series, the Chequered Flag series, the Elemental Killers series, and her standalone novels False Finder and Not Enough.

Her favourite genres are contemporary romance or romantic suspense, and with an ever growing list of ideas she is trying to keep up with the speed at which her imagination generates them. She also designs book covers on her website M Designs.

Find her on: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Google+

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