Happy Valentine’s Day and…Happy Birthday Everyone!

Hi, hello bookies and readers!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chocolates and flowers, friends and lovers!

This is not just a day for lovers, but also for everyone to show love for their family, friends and themselves! So what are you guys doing for this day? ❤

For me, it’s definitely studying time and…*whispers* writing on Wattpad!

(Shhhh! I’m a little embarrassed by what I wrote, but I welcome all comments!)

Coincidentally, this year’s Renri (人日) falls on the same day as Valentine’s Day!

Now, some of you may ask. What is 人日?

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is a 15-day celebration of the new year in the Lunar Calendar! Officially, there are only two days for everyone. In the Lunar Calendar, we celebrate Chinese New Year over a span of 15 days!

The 7th day is known as 人日, the romanization form is Renri. The literal translation for this is “Human Day”. On this day, it is EVERYONE’s birthday!

So happy birthday everyone! Enjoy Valentine’s Day and “Renri“!




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