Review: Lost Without You by Jillian Anselmi

Lost Without You CoverTitle: Lost Without You (Chasing Olivia #2)
Author: Jillian Anselmi
Release Date: March 23rd 2016
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Adult/Contemporary Romance
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Pages: 223
Rating: 4 stars

Wedding dress—check.

Walking down the aisle—check.

Saying “I do”—well…

Olivia Barrett has had her fill of disappointment when it comes to the men in her life. After a rude awakening with Chase, she finds herself back with Evan only to have her world turned upside down once more.

Secrets have been revealed, and giving up seems like a viable option, but Chase weasels his way back into her heart. Wooing her off her feet and promising her the world is easy for Chase, but Olivia is hesitant to give herself over to him so fully. Trust must be earned and even though Chase gives her no reason to doubt his love, Olivia can’t help but hold back.

When everything comes to a head, Olivia realizes her love for Chase cannot be matched, but is the decision to stay with him really hers, or will circumstances out of her control decide for her?

Lost Without You is absolutely heart-wrenching.         

The second novel in the Chasing Olivia series picks up immediately after Drawn to You, where Olivia is about to make a huge mistake. Thank my lucky stars for Chase, because he is the answer to my prayers when he came and stop her!

Some may be wondering why Olivia took quite some time before realising her love for Chase, but reading Lost Without You has the answer. Her heart is broken more than once, and she needs time for herself.

I love how the author didn’t rush Olivia into another relationship with Chase! Instead, the author gave her time to think through what she truly wants in her life. Chase is, of course, a gentleman when it comes to the well-being of Olivia, but probably not so when it’s physical.

(Hint: There are some really steamy scenes in this novel! *winks*)

Honestly, I did not expect Olivia’s mother to continue siding with a man who cheated and hurt her daughter’s feelings even after Chase revealed a secret. Even though there are explanations as to why her mother behaved this way, I’m still shaking my head when I read about it.

I already know how much of an asshole Evan was (and still is), I just did not expect him to be so…psychotic. Seriously, he could take the meaning of ‘psychotic’ into a whole new level. He is one crazy asshole!

One of the thing I love about this novel, is that the characters are never perfect. Chase may seem like he’s the perfect man for Olivia, but when it comes to emotions wise, he is still pretty new at it.  

(I’m pretty sure I have revealed almost everything right about now so I’ll stop before my feels get the better of me!)

Lost Without You is a heartbreakingly beautiful conclusion to Drawn to You and highly recommended for readers who would love a good love story that feels real!

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.




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