About Me

What’s up everyone? I’m Victoria, and welcome to my Haven (where I am always hunting for feels)!

Now now, a little something about me!

  • I am a book blogger from Singapore! (FYI: Singapore is this little red dot on the world map in Southeast Asia!)
  • I love reading so much more than any form of interaction with human beings, and I am a fast reader! Literally, I just fly through my books in a day.
  • I read YA books and adult books (usually I would advised that the adult books are for readers over 18, some of them might be too dark!)
  • I love music, any type of music!
  • I am secretly a Shadowhunter with the power of the Jedi, and also one with a Doctor Who obsession.

Next, lets move on to my blog!

I created Revenge of the Feels in September 2014! I have a few book bloggers friends and they were the ones that inspire me to create one! I have so many things to talk about and be warned, my reviews might seem a little…exaggerating. Though, that’s because of the feelings I am having!

It was a hard time for me trying to name my blog, and I settled with Revenge of the Feels. The name came from Revenge of the Sith, the third movie in the Star Wars film series. I have always thought that since I was the one who read the books, the feels I have is a way for the wonderful world of the fictional society to take revenge on me. (Dramatic, I know but that’s me! *laughs*)’

Ultimate blogger goal

  • Get my review quoted in a book!
  • Attend any HUGE-ass book events!

Contact Me
If you want to talk other books you want me to review or about anything in general, drop me an email revengeofthefeels(at)gmail(dot)com !



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