Review: Forced Submission by Claire Thompson

Forced SubmissionTitle: Forced Submission
Author: Claire Thompson
Release date: July 7th 2013
Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing
Genre: Adult/Dark Erotica
Source: Bought
Format: Mobi
Pages: 192
Rating: 4 stars

 Mia is thrilled when she’s hired as administrative assistant to handsome millionaire, Ellis Hughes. Her dream job quickly becomes a nightmare when she learns, too late, that Ellis Hughes is a sexual sadist, determined to mold her into his perfect submissive slave girl. Stripped of her freedom and her identity, Mia becomes M, her life focused entirely on the avoidance of pain and the seeking of what pleasure she can find in the dungeon of the man she now knows only as Sir. As M struggles to rekindle the flame of her spirit amidst a constant barrage of erotic torture and sexual subjugation, help is offered from an unexpected source-a tiny spark of hope in the darkness of M’s forced submission.

Be warned! Forced Submission is not for the weak-hearted. It contains non-consensual relationship, heavy domination, abuse and BDSM elements.

I am a fan of dark reads and I have read so much of it that literally, almost nothing can surprised me anymore. Or so I thought, until I came across Forced Submission. I bought this book today and finished it in one go out of curiousity, and now I see why it was banned on Amazon!

So we all know how dark reads usually go. A girl with kick-ass and fiery attitude in her gets captured by a rich man, being forced to go through sexual torture, blah blah blah…and just when you think it’s just another dark-read, IT’S NOT.

Yes, the female protagonist gets kidnapped by a rich man. Yes, she undergoes sexual torture and no, it does not have your typical ending. In fact, I think the ending of the novel brings out a more realistic side.

I confessed, I was hoping to see whether Forced Submission would have the usual ending and frankly, I was rooting for Mia and Ellis. That is, until I read the part where Mia becomes broken, that hope of mine just crashed and before I know it, I was rooting for Mia!

Ellis Hughes is not, I repeat, NOT, your typical rich male protagonist. I wanted to pull Mia out of her hell-hole. I really do and I’m not kidding when I say, you can literally hear Mia shatters when she becomes M.

All I can say is…both Ellis and Mia got what they deserved in the end!

I would highly recommend Forced Submission to READERS WITH A STRONG HEART only.

(I don’t usually do that, but even I feel like I need a break from dark-reads after reading this! A book-filled-with-feels-and-emotional-stuff hangover? Read only if you’re into the dark side of life where there’s no cookies!)

Stacking the Shelves #1

stacking the shelvesStacking the Shelves is hosted at Tynga’s Reviews where all the books I’ve got (which can be books I bought, borrowed or for reviews!) recently would be featured – both physical and digital. The beautiful graphic is taken from A Page of Heaven!

My haul this week includes…

Trade me the pleasure principle retrace mob mistress power and obsession Forced Submission


^ARCs from Netgalley (Many thanks to the publishers/authors!)
* Bought (ebook)

It’s been too long since I last organised my stuff so I’m going to start anew! I’ve read Mob Mistress and Forced Submission, so expect the reviews to pop up in the next few days! I must confess, I read both books in a day. I was intrigued by the storyline of Mob Mistress so the moment I downlaod it from Netgalley,  I read it. Also,  I bought Forced Submission today and finished it before I can even put my kindle down! BEWARE: It’s too dark a read

(I can now see why the book was BANNED from Amazon.)

Enough about me, what books have you been stacking your shelves with this week? Link your book hauls or leave a comment! Ciao peeps!