Something NEW: Awesome Author of the Month!

Books give us dreams and imaginations. A new world.

We have the people who write these stories to thank for because without them, there will be one less amazing story in this world!

There are many outlets for authors to publish their books. Be it traditional publishing or self-publishing. For the authors, especially for Indie authors, they need all the help they can get for in books exposure! I have read many great novels from Indie authors and I really hoped more people will read these amazing stories!

So, Revenge of the Feels will be hosting a new thing!


Awesome Author of the Month

Each month, a new author will be featured. All of her/his books, teasers, sometimes excerpts or interviews, will be posted. All purchase links will be available too! Starting as of August 2015, I will be featuring authors whose books I am such a fangirl of and share them with you!

Of course, if any authors wants to be featured here, just email me with everything you want me to post up there!

Do note that the author will change only ONCE every month! This is to ensure the authors get the exposure they need!