Review: Breaching His Defenses by Allyson Lindt

Breaching His Defenses CoverTitle: Breaching His Defenses (Love Hack #1)
Author: Allyson Lindt
Release Date: February 13th 2015
Publisher: Indie (Self-Published)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Author
Format: eARC
Rating: 4½ stars

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.

Years ago, heartbreak corrupted Jared Tippins’s outlook on love. He spun the betrayal into a rapid climb up the corporate ladder, and swore off any relationship with a morning after. Luckily, the playful siren who rescues him from singing a duet alone in a karaoke bar doesn’t want anything long term. If only he could stop fantasizing about ways to make her moan. Sure, she could’ve mentioned he works for the competition. At least she’s not behind the security concerns that have plagued his company for almost six months.

If she were, he’d be screwed on a whole new level.

Mikki Elford is determined to have the fun she missed out on when she fast-tracked her way through college. But school had its upside, too. She’s qualified to legally hack corporate networks. Best job ever. She also gained an appreciation for the legends in computing — Gates, Jobs, and Tippins. When she meets Jared Tippins and realizes he’s sexy and fluent in programming languages older than she is, no consequence will dissuade her from an impromptu fling. Fortunately, he doesn’t mind that six months ago she compromised his network to land her job.

Oh, crap! He doesn’t know.

Confession: The cover caught my attention and I honestly just dived in without reading the synopsis!

As it turns out, Breaching His Defenses was quite a pleasant surprise! It’s romance in the tech world! This is definitely my first Allyson Lindt and hacking romance novel!

When I say this is my first tech romance novel, I meant it! I have never read or seen such hotness from people who speaks the tech language! It’s honestly rather cool in this contemporary romance genre!

Jared Tippins and Mikki Elford are all brains and smartass characters! Nerds, some might say. Yet, their romance burns so bright!

Literally. Their attraction is sizzling!

One of my favourite part is when they first met! Oh wait…there’s also the duet! It’s so sexy! Imagine, strangers singing a duet together and some hot action later! THIS. IS. SEXY.

The writing is marvellous and well-written! It really brings out the feelings of the characters. Not to mention humour! The plot is definitely one of the best part!

Sizzling attraction between two sexy brainiacs, danger, betrayal, humour…Breaching His Defenses literally has everything one would want to read in a novel!

See! I told you, there’s everything in this novel! I am most definitely looking forward to the next novel this author writes!

Highly recommended for all readers!


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